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Leaf Springs on best prices from Springtech Automotive AG - Our monthly special offer 01/2021

You can start 2021 with major savings; we have this month the following leaf springs on extremely competitive prices. Use this opportunity to fill up your stock.

Please refer to this promotion, when you contact our Sales Team and you would like to order these products.


Prices are net, excl. VAT, packing- and shipping cost, EXW HU-Budapest. Our offer is only valid for truck part trading companies / wholesalers while stocks last. Minimum order quantity: 3.000 EUR. Offer is not valid for consignment stock sales.

OEM article codes and other IAM producer article codes are used for identification purpose only. All products are IAM products and are produced, branded and identified as SPRINGTECH.

MAN 73006000 81434026293 81434026291 81434026346 81434026292 F088T391WA75

SKU: 73006000

159 EUR

MAN 72917000 81434026642 81434026607 81434026606 81434026605 F088T292ZA70

SKU: 72917000

289 EUR

MAN 73046000 81434026328 81434026329 81434026345 81434026333 F088T455WA75

SKU: 73046000

159 EUR

MAN 72943000 81434026718 81434026648 81434026733 81434026649 A088T306ZA70

SKU: 72943000

329 EUR

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