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Here you can find useful, interesting and unique information about leaf springs. The aim of these pages (knowledgebase) is to provide simple and understandable leaf spring knowledge to those visitors of our website who are interested to understand more about leaf spring suspension systems. The knowledgebase includes information about technical background of leaf springs, production technology, market information (OEM and IAM) and many more. The contents are being created step by step. Table of content and links are below.


Basic information for beginners

  1. What everybody should know about leaf springs   > 

  2. Why leaf springs? Advantages and disadvantages of leaf springs   > 

  3. Most important dimensions of leaf springs and how to measure    

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Leaf spring technology

  1. Leaf spring characteristics  

  2. Leaf spring production process

  3. Leaf spring metallurgy

  4. Hardness measurement

  5. Complete leaf spring specification

  6. Malfunction of leaf springs (breakage and ageing)

  7. About spring accessories 

  8. About U-Bolts


European commercial vehicle leaf spring market

  1. European commercial vehicles with leaf spring suspensions

  2. European leaf spring producers: OEM

  3. European leaf spring producers and wholesalers: IAM

  4. IAM leaf spring market ABC analysis

  5. Market development trend of leaf springs

  6. Does leaf spring suspension have further 100 years?

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Other useful links and information

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