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Since we are a leaf spring production company, it's understandable that leaf springs are our passion... Leaf springs are indeed very efficient suspensions; here we explain both advantages and disadvantages.  


  • Simple and robust solution to carry heavy load

  • Cheapest solution for heavy duty commercial vehicles

  • It is not just a suspension element but a robust linkage between the axle and frame

  • It can take not only vertical load but also transversal forces

  • No need for additional stabiliser bar in many cases

  • In comparison to coil springs, leaf spring works under the frame and loading surface can be flat 

  • It controls axle damp

  • Maintenance free

  • Easy repair (quick fix) possibility especially in case of multi leaf springs

  • The vehicle can continue the journey, if one of the spring leaves is broken in the spring pack



  • Heavy system

  • Poor driving comfort (when unloaded)

  • Linear spring characteristics

  • Due to production process no proper corrosion protection is possible (or too expensive)

  • Micro cracks, inclusions can remain in leaf spring material after production, therefore breakage can happen


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